insert it’s always sunny in Philadelphia reference


Photos are starting to roll in from the Zivity Photography Workshop by Corwin Prescott, and we can’t wait to share more!

Miss Kacie Marie in San Fransisco at the Zivity Workshop with Corwin Prescott

few pictures uploaded 


Take 1 didn’t go well @williamcontrol




$o bummed about our $ong being on that punk goe$ poop $hit.

lol…they $hould call it poop goe$ poop. 🙊

still feeling like creating a proper blog, one i can link to my website etc is something that needs to be done, but i can never bring myself to follow through with it, even though i have so many ideas

going through photos and realizing I should get ready more often cause what a cutie

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they put this huge mattress on my small ass bed, my parents are wild


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